The Boards

The Boards of Reed Elsevier PLC, Reed Elsevier NV and RELX Group plc are comprised of executive and non-executive directors who bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to their roles.

All non-executives are independent of management and free from any business interest that could compromise their independence or their ability to scrutinise the governance of the company.

In compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code, all directors of Reed Elsevier PLC and Reed Elsevier NV seek annual re-election at the respective Annual General Meetings. As a general rule, letters of appointment in respect of non-executive directors of Reed Elsevier PLC and Reed Elsevier NV provide that individuals will serve for an initial term of three years, and are typically expected to serve two three-year terms, although the boards may invite an individual to serve for an additional period of three years. 

Appointments to the Boards are made on the basis of a candidate’s merit, with regard for the benefits of diversity. In recommending appointments to the Boards, the Nominations Committee takes into account the existing size and composition of the Boards, focusing on the balance of skills, experience, independence, knowledge of our Group and diversity, including gender. Currently, the combined Boards are comprised of 3 women and 7 men.

The two executive directors are: Erik Engstrom (Chief Executive Officer) and Nick Luff (Chief Financial Officer).

The eight non-executive directors working alongside them are: Anthony Habgood (Chairman), Dr Wolfhart Hauser, Adrian Hennah, Lisa Hook, Robert Polet, Linda Sanford, Ben van der Veer and Marike van Lier Lels*. The Board considers all non-executive directors (other than the Chairman) to be independent. Anthony Habgood was considered independent on appointment to the Boards as Chairman in 2009.

Read more about our Board members , our Board committees and our code of ethics.

* Marike van Lier Lels is a Non-Executive Director of Reed Elsevier NV. All of the other Non-Executive Directors are directors of Reed Elsevier PLC, Reed Elsevier NV and RELX Group plc.


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