New Scientist

New Scientist covers scientific and technological advances. It is essential reading for people who want to know what’s happening in the world of science and technology, why it’s happening and how it will affect everything they do.

  • New Scientist has a weekly worldwide circulation of 130,777 (ABC Jan – Jun 12) and a worldwide readership of 736,061 per issue (NRS Oct 11 – Sep12, Publishers Statement, Roy Morgan 12)
  • won PPA interactive magazine of the year 2008
  • hosts the latest job opportunities in science, technology and engineering, with over 100,000 jobseeker profiles live on the site (December 2012), while is a dedicated site for students and further study opportunities
  • generates 8.7m monthly page impressions from 3.1m monthly unique users (November 2012).
  • Over 2m copies sold in the UK of the New Scientist ‘Last Word’ book series, including best-sellers such as ‘Will We Ever Speak Dolphin?’, 'Why Can’t Elephants Jump?' and 'Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?'
  • New Scientist has a reputation for offering its readers amazing and unique prizes such as a genuine piece of Mars rock or a 3D printed replica of a hominid skull fossil
  • New Scientist is the publisher of Arc, a digital magazine about the future published every three months. Arc is comprised of new short science fiction from leading authors in the genre alongside factual essays and ideas
  • New Scientist is now also published for audiences in Australia, France and Germany

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