MEDai combines sophisticated data mining technology with advanced analytics to enable healthcare organisations to make better decisions, and improve the quality of healthcare outcomes and operational efficiencies. We help healthcare organisations harness clinical, financial and administrative information, giving them a unique perspective to make smarter decisions about population management, patient care, resource allocation, provider and contract management, and more.

MEDai Navigator

The health reform environment demands improved network management, real-time analysis of physician performance and practice patterns, accessible employer reporting, and population health management, with a focus on increasing quality and controlling costs. commercial health plans, third-party administrators, self-insured, accountable care organisations (ACOs), Medicaid and state agencies, Medicare plans and sponsors, and Health Information Exchanges can use MEDai Navigator to make smart, insightful decisions about every aspect of business.

MEDai Navigator captures, verifies, cleans, transforms and analyses clinical data and billing information from multiple sources to produce accurate forecasts and predictions, outcomes profiling, and actionable and understandable reports for:

  • Performance Management
  • Physician Profiling
  • Population Health Management
  • Patient Stratification
  • Care Management

Pinpoint Risk

The Affordable Care ACT provisions include reimbursement penalties for hospitals that fail to meet quality standards. To this point, virtually all health analytics solutions aimed at increasing the value of care analyse quality and cost data in a retrospective fashion, which does not reduce risk or improve quality for inpatients in real time.  Pinpoint Risk provides predictive, actionable analytics for inpatient settings.

Pinpoint Risk uses clinical data on individual patients to identify and reduce risk for:

  • Mortality during hospitalisation
  • Transfer to intensive care unit during hospitalisation
  • Sepsis during hospitalisation
  • Excessive in-hospital length of stay
  • Readmission within 30 days

Inpatient providers can impact the value of care delivery through their critical bedside and discharge planning roles to improve quality and reduce costs, increasing the value (Quality/Cost) of delivered care.

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