The leading global business platform for personal care ingredients

Staged annually in spring in a major European city, in-cosmetics brings together the world’s leading personal care ingredients suppliers, formulators, R&D and marketing specialists and showcases the most diverse range of innovative cosmetics ingredients and technologies.

The event's unrivalled educational programme offers a crucial insight into future scientific advances, emerging trends and regulations.

  • 7,105 (abc audited) unique visitors (70% international, 30% local) from 95 countries attended the 2012 event in Barcelona
  • 94% of visitors agree that “in-cosmetics is a must-attend event”
  • 590 suppliers (92% international, 8% local) from 36 countries exhibited
  • Stand space was pushed to a massive 12,017m², making the event quite literally the biggest in in-cosmetics’ history
  • Furthest distance travelled by any visitor to in-cosmetics 2012: 17,154 km – Tasmania to Barcelona!
  • The #1 product of interest to visitors was “Anti-wrinkle/anti-ageing product”
  • in-cosmetics celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010
  • The event is held in Paris every 3 years. Other destinations include Germany, Spain, Italy, UK and The Netherlands.

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